Ride #21: The Swift Lift

1989 by Taylor Swift (2014)

Friday, December 5th, 2014
9 pm – TBD


Album Details:

From PopMatters:

“The true appeal of 1989, in its perfect evocation of our hugest, most teenage feelings, isn’t the socio-political purity so many critics seem to begrudge Swift for failing to embody, its an aesthetic purity—the purity of feeling, the life-affirming way pop music like hers can force us to drop our pretenses of sophistication for the length of an album and feel on a visceral, unfiltered level. Remember what that was like?”

Ride Details:

Let’s shake 2014 off by grabbing drinks at The Woods in Hollywood.  Even though we’ll probably stay out too late, we’ll be out of The Woods before you know it.