What Is The Best Beatles Song Of All Time?

They were the greatest band of all time, but what was their best song? You decided by voting in our Beatle May-nia bracket. After weeks of vigorous debate, we chose 64 Beatles songs (based on criteria like chart performance, historical significance, and cultural endurance) to compete against each other head-to-head. We also made a Spotify playlist of all the contenders to help you in your decision-making process. Results were posted on this page as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages at the end of each round. Hundreds of votes later, you made your pick. See the final results below.

Round 1: May 1st – May 7th
Round 2: May 8th – May 14th
Round 3: May 15th – May 21st
Round 4: May 22nd – May 24th
Final Four: May 25th – May 28th
Championship: May 29th – May 31st
–> The Winning Song <–

Beatle May-nia Voting Results (dates listed below indicate when results were posted):